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Dear Participant,

We are glad that you chose to enroll in College DaVinci and HackerU Polska (respectively the "College" and "HackerU", jointly the " Offeror") and secure your place in the the CS101, 20 hours online course, which consist of the fundamentals of IT and cyber-security ("the "CS101"). If you pass the CS101 exam, you will be entitled (but not obligated) to register for HackerU's sorting course of the cybersecurity program (the "Sorting Course") within 3 months as described below. The CS101 course will enable you to be exposed and experienced your suitability for Sorting Course.

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    General terms

    1. I, the undersigned, would like to register and secure my place in the CS101 course, Monday till Friday, for 20 a.h. starting on 10-08-2020 r.
    2. I know that this course will allow me to be exposed to the field of study and to check my suitability before enrolling in the sorting course.
    3. Registration Fee Free. c. No Payment needed to registration or secure your place in the CS101 course.

    The Precondition for enrollment in Sorting Course

    Participants must meet all of the following conditions to be able to enroll for Sorting Course:

    1. Attend all CS101 stage classes
    2. Attend the final skills exam and professional fitness evaluation screening and/or interview
    3. Qualifying Participants must register for Sorting Course within 3 months of the conclusion of their attended CS101 course, if not the Participant will need to retake CS101 again

    CS101 Policy and Rules and Participant Conduct

    1. These rules exist for the purpose of establishing appropriate skills and instilling proper professional behavior in Participants entering the Cyber Security profession.
    2. These rules may be superseded, added to, or modified by the school or instructor offering or teaching the program, upon providing written notice to enrolled Participants
    3. The Participant understands that cyber security technology is developing and progressing at an exponential pace and the program reserves the right to amend and adjust course material and subject order according to market demand, current, and new industry standards
    4. HackerU reserves the right to postpone the opening of a course to address scheduling constraints, and HackerU reserves the right to reschedule classes hours
    5. HackerU reserves the right to expel Participants, due to improper or unacceptable behavior or failure to abide the rules herein
    6. Participant is expected to be professional and respectful towards instructors, administrators, guest speakers, and fellow Participants during all forms of communication and correspondence and to refrain from actions that would be disruptive to the above.
    7. The Participant shall not, in any manner, directly or indirectly, for Participants own behalf or on behalf of any other person or entity, solicit, recruit, offer or otherwise provide services that are the same or similar to any of HackerU (or its affiliates) cyber security training programs to any of the current or prospective CS101's instructors or HackerU's employees.
    8. The Participant understands that recordings, of the classes, in any form (including voice or visual record) or downloading or copying, in any way, of the classes are not allowed and can bring to a lawsuit.
    9. The Participant understands, acknowledges and undertakes, for an unlimited time, that all defensive and/or offensive knowledge, techniques and tools are to be used in accordance with all applicable laws worldwide and ethical principles.
    10. The Participant agrees and undertakes, for an unlimited time, to refrain from the use of such knowledge taught for any illegal or inappropriate use and understands the responsibility of obtaining such knowledge and information meant only to be used for the greater good and protecting society from malicious cyber-attacks

    Intellectual Property

    For the avoidance of doubt, the following provisions shall be in force following any completion or cessation of CS101 by Participants for whatsoever reason:

    1. Participants understand and acknowledge that all copyright, trade secrets, patents, trademarks and other proprietary rights from any kind or nature, in the CS101 and all modifications, enhancements and other works that are derivatives thereof shall be retained by the course provider – HackerU ltd an Israeli company
    2. Neither Participant NOR ANY THIRD PARTY shall acquire any rights, expressed or implied, in either the CS101 or modifications, enhancements, or works derivative.
    3. Neither CS101 nor any portion thereof, may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose

    I hereby sign this document that I am over the age of 18 and without a criminal history.

    I acknowledge receipt of marketing offers and / or advertising comments from College DaVinci and HackerU Polska. We will not share your data with 3d party without your explicit contain

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    I hereby confirm that I have read and understand to the above:

    Data controllers are: Collegium Da Vinci with headquarters at ul. gen. Kutrzeby 10, 61-719 Poznań and HackerU Polska with its registered office at ul. Żwirki i Wigury 16 a, 02-092 Warsaw. The full Privacy Policy document can be found here.

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